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In the way a good conversation never ends, Lovehood unfolds day by day as we follow our Love of nature, story, art and design, and explore how these themes can enliven and elevate our environment - our community, businesses and homes - or our Hood

Often a pause in our modern lives, our public art installations, living architecture walls and sustainable fine art works are born of collaboration and a deep longing to live in a world where a dynamic modern life and nature sit alongside one another, and bring out the best in each other.  

A celebration of natural materials through art and design is our north star at Lovehood. 


We are drawn to collaborating with the natural world - exploring with wool, wood, plant essences and water,

with an understanding that these materials respond to our intention, and offer their own creative forces to each of our projects. The convergence of these energies with our modern world creates an interesting and meaningful visual dialogue, with a potential to enliven the places we inhabit daily.

Please reach out with your vision to elevate your environment, whether it be a home, office, business or organization, and allow us to design an original piece just for you. Drop us a line at, connect with us in our social spaces, or sign up to receive our newsletter below.


So glad you found us,

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Tracy and Jess


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