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2023-01-19 flowers by tracy olan and jess koehn_polina teif-3.jpg


'Flowers' | Seven 30" Circles | Fine Italian Merino Wool

It's somehow grounding to know that even as we fly through space on this pale blue dot, there's still a sort of cosmic whisper inviting us into harmony with each other. Even the apparent chaos of a field of wildflowers is actually a blueprint of ancient wisdom - the flowers grow next to their opposite in colour, and made more vibrant and alive by the contrast, they attract more bees than they would on their own. 


'Flowers' explores the concept of colour as messenger.

Made using ancient felt-making techniques, 'Flowers' is a modern, graphic distillation of colour. It is currently exhibiting as a part of DesignTO 2023 in Toronto, January 20-29. 

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