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'Goldie' | 58" x 52" | wool, silk and foraged colour 

A living architecture, large in scale and formed using ancient felt making techniques, this piece borrows warm mid-summery hues from true spirits of the season - marigolds and chamomile. Along with grounding pigments from acorns and walnuts, the wool at the foundation of this installation is steeped in wild pasture sun and Lake Ontario breezes, for a deep and sure indoor connection to the elements.  


Goldie was designed to offer a sustainable connection to the earth for a long-term care facility, allowing for a self-serve

approach to the natural world. For residents, family and staff Goldie offers a warm whisper of what might otherwise be somewhat out of reach.  


When we are closer to nature, we are closer to fine



‘Goldie’ will be on exhibit and call home to the new Extendicare long-term care facility in Kingston, Ontario, upon its grand opening in 2023.

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